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Pottery painting

Not everyone can commit to a weekly course, and that's why I've curated a special pottery painting workshop at Art Ceramics Studio in Amsterdam. Tailored for groups between 8 to 20 people, this experience allows you to explore your artistic talents in a unique way.

In just one afternoon or by appointment (2.5 hours), you'll delve into the art of using engobe or majolica ceramic colors to adorn your own designs onto crockery. Your creations will be transformed into personalized clay objects after glazing and firing, ready to be collected a week later.


Painting Pottery

A great group activity!

Ideal for team-building, personnel activities, hen parties, birthdays, and more, these workshops are infused with a creative spirit. The end result is not just pottery; it's a lasting, original, and highly personal gift that stands the test of time. Secure your spot now and embark on a memorable journey of artistic expression! Visit our Facebook page for a glimpse of the magic.

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